The Official Walt Wingfield Website

Rod Beattie as Walt Wingfield   Photo: Ian Jackson

This website is about a popular series of stage comedies for solo actor about city stockbroker Walt Wingfield, who quits the rat race and buys a hundred acre farm in fictional Persephone Township about an hour north of Toronto. The plays, written by Dan Needles and performed by Rod Beattie, are entitled:

1. Letter From Wingfield Farm

2. Wingfield’s Progress

3. Wingfield’s Folly

4. Wingfield Unbound

5. Wingfield On Ice

6. Wingfield’s Inferno

7. Wingfield Lost and Found

"an experience no theatre goer should miss" 

-CKLY Radio

"If you've never really enjoyed one person shows, this is the one to change your mind."

-The Ottawa Citizen

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